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St. Seraphim of Sarov

- the Little Russian Philokalia Vol. 1

“My joy, I beg you, acquire the Spirit of Peace. That means to bring oneself to such a state that our spirit will not be disturbed by anything. For one must go through many sorrows to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the way all righteous men were saved and inherited the Heavenly Kingdom….”
—St. Seraphim from his conversation with N. Motovilov

Philokalia means "love of the beautiful and good". It was the name given to a celebrated collecton of Greek mystical texts on the Christian spiritual life, written between the 4th och 15th centuries, teaching the path to true sobriety and the fullness of union with God.

This "Little Russian Philokalia" is a new collection of ascetic texts drawn from Russian sources, chiefly of the 18th through 20th centuries. The first volume is devoted to St. Seraphim of Sarov (1754-1833), one of Russia´s best-loved saints, a heavenly man overflowing with Christ-like love, to whom the mysteries of the other world were open. He taught that the main aim of Christian life is to acquire for oneself the Spirit of God. His amazing and supernatural conversation with N. A. Motovilov on "The Acquisition of the Holy Spirit" is included in this volume.

Översättare: F. Seraphim Rose

Språk: Svenska

Utgivningsår: 2008

Bandtyp: Häftad

Antal sidor: 157

Illustrationer: sv/v ill o fotografier

Vikt: 242gr

Förlag: St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood

ISBN: 978-0-38635-30-7


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Artikelnr:  978-0-938635-30-7 ISBN
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