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Repentance and Confession

by Hieromonk Gregorios, Koutloumousiou monastery, Mount Athos

Repentance is man’s return to God. It is a change-of-heart in the nous from the darkness of sin to the light of Christ. The beginning of this journey is “the awareness of our errors, which is a great opportunity for us to attract divine mercy. This is why the Prophet David says to God: Have mercy upon me,…For I am conscious of my iniquity (Ps. 50: 1, 3).” We acknowledge that we are responsible for our condition, and we humbly seek God’s mercy.

This booklet speaks about repentance, the healing of the wounds of sin, and about holy Confession, the Sacrament through which man’s repentance is accomplished. Particular emphasis is placed on preparation for the Sacrament, as well as on the fruits of repentance that accompany it. From the Prologue.

From the Contents: 1. Repentance is Medicine, 2. The Beginning of Repentance, 3. How does the Compassionate Father receive us?, 4. Confession and Holy Communion, 5. Obstacles to Repentance, 6. Examination of the Conscience [a. Our Relationship with God, b. Our Relationship with our Fellows, c. Confronting Ourselves], 7. Fruits of Repentance, 8. The Spiritual Resurrection of Man, 9. The Absolution of Sins and Peace of the Soul, 10. Sons of God by Grace, 11. Our Entrance into the Kingdom of God

Each small book in the Spiritual Life Series tackles a topic of spiritual significance for the Orthodox Christian's daily life.

Översättare: Stelios Zarganes

Språk: Engelska

Utgivningsår: 2011

Bandtyp: Häftad småskrift

Antal sidor: 64

Illustrationer: sv/v ill.

Vikt i gram: 54

Förlag: Cell of St John the Theologian, Koutloumousiou Monastery, Mount Athos

8 ISBN: 9786185138028


Pris:  65:-

Artikelnr:  978-618-5138-02-8 ISBN
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